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Ocho the Octopus

Ocho the Octopus is huge – 4m high, 7m wide with digital LED lighting maximising the immediate wow-impact on spectators. At the same time, its delicate control mechanism enables the puppet to build spontaneous rapport with its audience. Lightweight and easy to manoeuvre by a single puppeteer, Ocho is nimble and responsive to those it meets with a soft skin, making it tactile and safe for close contact.


Tim Davies Design Ltd

Artistic Director Tim Davies is a sculptor and innovative engineer with a passion for large-scale, kinetic creations and high impact spectacles.
Tim has designed and built a stunning array of large-scale animated inflatables for prestigious outdoor events, catwalk shows, brand activations and major theatres including innovative Arachnobot and Ocho which are now globally renowned, having performed to crowds of hundreds of thousands of people in four different continents.

With a keen talent for marrying strength and structure with movement and fluidity, Tim has energetically embraced an eclectic range of commissions for leading theatre companies, advertising agencies and outdoor events creating bespoke large scale centrepieces and animated inflatables.