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Ocean Eyes Community Dance Piece

Sea themed Hoola Hoop Act, Aerial Silks Performance, Aerial Lollipop Performance Join us for an extraordinary community dance performance inspired by the themes of the Festival of the Sea. This captivating piece features solo acts and has been created through collaborative efforts to foster community engagement. Following the dance, enjoy a mesmerizing mermaid-themed hula hoop show, a stunning aerial silks performance, and an awe-inspiring aerial lollipop act. Don’t miss out on this spectacular event! You can also see the works of visual arts backdrops around the festival which have been produced for you to admire by community groups.

Unseen Arts believe in the transformative power of the arts, providing training in visual arts, performance/aerial arts. Our values revolve around fostering a sense of inclusivity. Unseen Arts is not just a place to learn and create; it’s a hub of connection, collaboration, and celebration of the artistic spirit.